Online Preparation Seminar (June 2017 tbc)

Aspire HPAIR

During the online preparation seminar, we will explore different facets surrounding this year’s theme and discuss with experts, different approaches and perspectives on the challenges of social and economic development in Asia, the growing role of technology in development and the opportunity for collaboration between Europe and Asia in this realm. The seminar provides an excellent opportunity for selected delegates to get to know each other and form a shared opinion basis for their joint participation in the conference in August. During the online seminar, members of this year’s organising committee will moderate discussions and guide delegates on the next steps for the upcoming months. This includes a video diary or briefing paper on the “peer projects” – short opinion articles delegates will be autonomously or collaboratively with a peer delegate.

The preparation seminar is also considered a knowledge hub in which each delegate will be able to briefly present on a current controversial or popular policy issue of personal interest related to the conference and this year’s theme.

HPAIR Asia 2017 Conference and Supporting Programme in Sidney (August 17-21, 2017)

During the Pre-conference Tour in Sidney, The European Delegation will meet decision makers from politics, business, civil society, and politics in Sidney to get first-hand insights from them. This exclusive supporting programme offers delegates the opportunity to engage in open discussion with key players in Asia in a personal setting.

Subsequently, delegates participate in the HPAIR Asia Conference 2016 , where they will exchange perspectives with more than 500 future leaders and decision-makers from Asia and North America. The HPAIR Asia Conference 2017 offers an extraordinary forum for the critical exchange of ideas with present leaders of the highest calibre: Former distinguished speakers include UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Jeffrey Sachs from Columbia University, and Kim Dae-Jung, former President of South Korea.

Closing Seminar (a weekend in September, 2017, tbc)

The aim of the closing seminar is to distil our experiences from the conference and insights from the peer projects into a concise position paper, offering advice from the young generation to European decision makers on this year’s topic of “Empower.” During an open discussion, you will have the opportunity to engage with the interested public, which will allow you to challenge yourself and a diverse European audience about different perceptions of Asia. This closing seminar will be part of a workshop of the European Delegation alumni and European alumni of HPAIR.

The schedule for the HPAIR conference can be found on the official HPAIR website.