Past Delegations

The European Delegation project was launched in 2012. Up until now it has brought young Europeans to the HPAIR Asia conferences 2012 in Taipei, 2013 in Dubai, 2014 in Tokyo, and 2015 in Manila.

2015 Edition

The 2015 European Delegation to the HPAIR Asia Conference in Manila released a summary report with articles written by the Delegates and local peers. The Delegation visited, among other institutions, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Philippino Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), the European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and the German Development Cooperation (GIZ). The European Delegation also engaged in a volunteering activity with the True Manila project, trying to learn more about and make a small impact on vulnerable communities in Manila.

2014 Edition

The report of the 2014 European delegation is providing a detailed overlook of the delegation’s visit to the HPAIR conference in Tokyo, Japan. Participants were involved in peer projects during which they created a position paper on a contemporary Asian issue with a fellow participants of HPAIR outside of the Delegation.

2013 Edition

The report of the 2013 European delegation is providing a detailed overlook of the delegation’s visits to selected institutions and companies previous to the HPAIR Asia conference in Dubai. The position paper included in the report revolves around sustainability, the main theme of the 2013 European Delegation, in all its facets. Its key topics are urban planning, energy and resource consumption, and image management. You can also find the complete program of the preparation seminar here.

2012 Edition

The experiences of the 2012 European Delegation are summarized in their final report. The position paper illustrates the conclusions they draw from the programme exclusively organized for delegates as well as from the HPAIR Asia conference in Taipei. Focussing on intercultural skills, it highlights the need for cultural understanding and reciprocal relationships on a level playing field in order to successfully cooperate with Asian countries.