Fostering mutual understanding between Europe and Asia

The European Delegation 2017 to the Harvard Project on Asia and International Relations

A unique opportunity for young Europeans to connect with their peers from the world’s foremost universities to discuss the future of Asia.


Europe’s position on the global stage will change in the face of rising Asian powers. For European actors on the world stage the ever-increasing importance of Asia will require a new set of skills, knowledge and networks to successfully engage with political cultures previously found mostly in the margins of international politics. Supporting young, politically-active Europeans in developing this intercultural toolkit is the goal of the European delegation. It seeks to deepen the understanding of Asian cultures and the potential for a successful cooperation between East and West while maintaining Europe’s unique identity. By representing Europe and articulating European interests at the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations Asia Conference 2014 in Tokyo, we hope to help secure Europe’s place at the fore of international decision-making in an uncertain future.


April 2017:  The Call for Applications 2017 is now online!

June 2016: The Call for Applications 2016 is now closed.

April 2016:  The Call for Applications 2016 is now online!

December 2015: Our 2015 Delegation Report is live! Read it and join us for the next edition!

May 2014: Our new website as well as the 2014 call for applications are live! Apply now!

December 2013: The position paper of the 2013 edition of The European Delegation is now available in the past conferences section.

February 2013: The European Delegation became an official partner of the European Project for Asian and International Relations (EPAIR).

January 2013: Centrum Azja-Polska, a think tank on Asia in Warsaw, has published a Polish version of our position paper. View it here.

What is the HPAIR Asia 2016 Conference?

The Harvard Project on Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) is an annual conference that seeks to bring together future and current leaders from around the world to engage in a week-long dialogue, addressing the events that have helped to shape the current status of Asia on the world stage.